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Marca de Maquiagem N°1 na Itália. Rede de varejo com produtos de maquiagem, beleza e cuidados com a pele. KIKO Milano foi fundada em 1997 em milão e desde então tem revolucionado a forma de venda dos cosméticos no mundo. acreditamos em apoiar as mulheres a se expressarem de forma livre. a KIKO identifica as maiores tendências da beleza do momento e torna-as acessíveis a todos, combinando qualidade com criatividades enraizadas no dna italiano. a KIKO conquistou o público mais diversos e existente com uma infinidade de cores, tons e texturas para satisfazer a necessidade de cada profissional em seus requisitos pessoais. Na KIKO Milano, gostaríamos que você experimentasse e escolhesse o visual que realmente te representa.

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sarah Conor

Was in store today and just want to say how friendly and helpful Natalie was!


Atika Hai

Natalie is very knowledgeable.and very helpful, would recommend asking for her when you visit KIKO. It's best to ask for a trained assistant when shopping because the variety in the store can be confusing. Also it has some good items and is worth shopping there.


Sara Acebes

I popped in with an idea of what I wanted... 3 things I thought.... Natalie was a great help, yes I spent way more than what I wanted but she gave me tips on how to use the items and im glad I listen to her lip combo suggestion!


Amanda Antolini

Really friendly staff. Knew what you wanted straight away. I love the shopping badkets/bags. Very cute


Cursesha Frost (wolfy)

Staff very helpful, very trans friendly giving loads of tips on what to use and what suits best for what look or skin tone


Frances Booth

Staff are very friendly and helpful, especially Zaara who helped me pick out products that would suit my skin tone and style. Such attention to detail by Zaara really boosted my confidence as a 57 year old widow who has very little makeup experience. Will be coming back again for more of this excellent and personalised service!


Nicoletta Petrou

Thank you so much gorgeous girls!! Natalie and Ifra were very helpful and friendly! The rose gold blush will not disappoint I’m sure😊


DN Ghamdi

Love the customer service and the pampering.


Jaqui Ward

Love kiko products!


Victoria Case

Staff are very helpful 🙂


donna callaghan

Excellent cosmetics at very reasonable prices.


Kim Dreweatt

Lovely young ladies who were so helpful thank you old lady with a ginger daughter



Popular, Fun, Bright, small make up shop with helpful staff. My daughter purchased a lip gloss yesterday. We were helped by a friendly, bubbly Tianna 🙂.


safia b

Really friendly and amazing staff! Available to help and advice you anything you need!


Helene H

I don't wear make up but I wanted to try it out went into Kiko and was assisted by a lovely  Lady name Hasti She was very lovely and patient with me she showed me some tips on how to wear foundations, powders, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and she made my face up very beautifully I was pleased I brought the lot thanks Hasti for making me feel beautiful.


Elayne Rustom

Want to buy everything


Jessica Goncalves Ribeiro

Went In today knowing what I wanted but wanted to change my foundation, as the season has changed.w”Was attend by the lovey Hannah, she helped me find a new foundation which matched me perfectly and had the finish I was going for.Her customer service was beyond expectation, very friendly and talkative and made good suggestions. Left the store very happy and satisfied with my products and the amazing customer service received.


Entertain Me How to

All variet related to cosmetics are available on affordable prices


Agnese Palma

Come in Italia 🤣🤣🤣


Lisa Payne

Great products


julie jj

I love this brand


lataisha greaves-bradshaw

Great customer service, managed to get exactly what I was looking for and more.


Susan Stewart

Absolutely Fabulous!


Robert Ciesielski