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KIKO - Derby - Derbion - West Mall

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Marca de Maquiagem N°1 na Itália. Rede de varejo com produtos de maquiagem, beleza e cuidados com a pele. KIKO Milano foi fundada em 1997 em milão e desde então tem revolucionado a forma de venda dos cosméticos no mundo. acreditamos em apoiar as mulheres a se expressarem de forma livre. a KIKO identifica as maiores tendências da beleza do momento e torna-as acessíveis a todos, combinando qualidade com criatividades enraizadas no dna italiano. a KIKO conquistou o público mais diversos e existente com uma infinidade de cores, tons e texturas para satisfazer a necessidade de cada profissional em seus requisitos pessoais. Na KIKO Milano, gostaríamos que você experimentasse e escolhesse o visual que realmente te representa.

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Beverley Spence

Great choice of make up. Love it


pauline revill

Service with a smile


sal kieth blurton

Excellent service ' excellent makeup.


Kerry Boswell

Fantastic service.. almost like having a personal shopper. 3 for 3 offer on. I was kitted out for £80 on 12 products!!


john ironmonger

Great shop stood outside for hours waiting for my dear wife.bless her.


Jkg Gill

Love KIKO 🥰❤️



Omg! What a find! How have I missed this place!? My sister and I went in for a browse and we were very impressed with the range of cosmetics. Some absolutely amazing nail polishes, which I bought and have to stay they are fab! Long lasting and some fabulous colours! Really friendly, helpful staff. Check it out 😊



Very helpful staff 👍


Mehjabeen Fatima

It is very nice customer service and good experience 👍for shopping.


samantha Bullock

I used to go to mac and actually I was pleasantly surprised. I love the makeup the quality is brilliant and to be honest I'll stick with using kiko now... Plus the prices are really really good. The makeup lasts all day  .... Love it!


Mandy Robbins

Very helpful staff


Aneesah I

Lovely store and fantastic customer service from Sanyia! Always friendly and gives great advice



Brilliant service and great choice of beauty products


Beebe Joslin

I went into KIKO, Derby and made an impulse purchase on one of their Matte Liquid Lip Colours, after they let me try it over at their backlit, mirrored customer area. It was so good to apply, stayed on all day, and didn't bleed, that each time I was in the Intu, I bought another colour. The one which they had initially recommended for me, however, wasn't in stock, and I kept popping back in and asking for it, but it still wasn't in stock. I ended up purchasing a different colour each time. When I mentioned that "the one which I require is never in stock", the staff explained that it would be in in a few weeks in February. I gave her my number and asked her to call me when it came into stock, knowing full well that I wouldn't hear from anyone, AND that the next time I went in, the colour would have sold out again. Not at KIKO. Not only did it come in during February like they'd forecast, but she DID bother to call me to let me know that it had come into stock, and she's saved it for me too, so that I can be sure to get one. Not your usual British "don't care" and "it's not my problem" attitude. Great products, great service, great staff, great store.


Syed Naqvi

London love it


Lynne Hope

I went in with my daughter today. Wow  brilliant products and friendly helpful girls.A refreshing  change from some beauty counters.