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KIKO - Porto - Rua de Santa Catarina

  • Rua de Santa Catarina 412
  • PORTO 4000
  • Tel. +351 222080782
  • closed. today open from 10:00

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Kiko Milano +

The N°1 Make up brand in Italy. Retail chain with a makeup, beauty & skincare products. KIKO Milano was founded in 1997 in Milan and since then has revolutionized how cosmetics are sold globally; We believe in supporting women in expressing themselves freely. KIKO Milano identifies the beauty trends of the moment and makes them accessible to all. We understand the power of make-up and love that it can ignite a spark and make you feel fabulous. We want everyone to be able to create the right look, for every situation, with style but without losing one’s individuality. At KIKO Milano we would like you to experiment and choose the look that really represents you.

Friendly, accessible staff +



Criatividade Costura

Atendimento ótimo, produtos de alta qualidade,  ame-o e recomendo


Joana Negrao

Bem situado, mas a qualidade dos produtos iguala-se ao preço dos mesmos.


Nathy Miranda

Loja do parque nascente e do vida Catarina muito boas, com atendimento nota 10!


Teresa Ferreira

Adoro a simpatia das funcionárias, Sou "fiel" à máscara de pestanas à anos!!! Obrigada!


Susana Martins

Qualidade produtos


Surapak Dharachan

ไม่เคยรู้ว่ามีเครื่องสำอางค์ยี่ห้อนี้มาก่อน ได้รู้ก็คราวนี้ละ ตามออเดอร์แบบวีดีโอคอลเลย KIKO ที่นี่ขายถูกกว่าที่อิตาลีครึ่งนึงเลยละ อาจจะเป็นเพราะระบบภาษีที่แตกต่างกัน แนะนำเลยครับที่โปรตุเกสราคาขายถูกกว่า และยัง tax refund ได้อีกด้วย แต่ต้องซื้อสินค้า 99 ยูโรขึ้นไปนะครับ


Francisco Gomes

Bom local para mulheres



네일도 좋고 아이라이너도 좋아요 밀라노에서 샀는데 넘 좋아서 여기서도 방문했어요!!!! 직원도 친절~~


Alexandre G.C. de Almeida

Sortido cosmético a preços acessíveis.